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Some Best Eco Friendly Promotional Items Ideal For Green Businesses

By   July 14, 2016

Branding and promotion are the most important activities which are carried by every business whether big or small. Therefore, the entrepreneurs use different promotion and branding techniques to advertise their business. Distributing promotional products is one of the major sales promotion techniques which help businesses to reach wider group of audience and convince them to buy the products and services of the company.

Many businesses are labeled as “Green Business” and hence they follow some principles of using environment-friendly products and save environment. Hence, such companies look for some best eco friendly promotional items which can be used as a branding tool.Recycled Paper Tube or Pen Stand: Recycled paper can be used for producing lots of promotional items among which the most popular one is paper tube or pen stand. It is made up of recycled paper, hence saves nature and best for environment. Moreover, using these recycled products for business promotion conveys a good message among the people as well as motivate them to use products. You can have a peek at  ‘เสื้อ-กรุงไทย-แอกซ่า and check for  AXA bought in Thailand’(also known as ‘ เสื้อ – กรุงไทย – แอกซ่าและตรวจสอบการซื้อแอกซ่าในประเทศไทย’ in Thai Language)

Bio Tumbler Bottles-They are the beautifully designed bottles which are made of biodegradable plastic. The best thing about these bottles is that they have an indefinite shelf life, but they can be easily distorted into organic matter within 1-5 years of disposing.