By   March 7, 2017

Fear of heights is also called acrophobia. This really is different from aerophobia and vertigo. Some may get confused between the three. Getting to know acrophobia in depth can help you comprehend its huge difference from them both. For detail knowledge on Acrophobia, you may refer

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What is acrophobia?

Acrophobia is just the fear of heights. In case you are suffering from this, you can panic when standing from an elevated area. You may feel like you can't trust your sense of balance and due to this, you crawl on all fours or can descend instantly. You may also automatically lower your body. Your system reacts to the specific situation and you may palpitate, tremble, and start to sweat.

Because aerophobia is the fear of flying, acrophobia is different from aerophobia. Because vertigo is a sudden feeling of dizziness regardless of where you're located, additionally, this is distinct from vertigo too. Because the mere imagination of height could cause you to feel awful having a phobia of heights could be very crippling.

Origin of Acrophobia

Studies showed it is ordinary for individuals to really have a certain fear around heights. This really is valid for both animals and humans. The fear of heights might be a part of defense or survival mechanism and generally seems to be partly ingrained. Like all phobias, acrophobia appears to be an over-reaction of the normal anxiety response. Specialists say that this is possibly a learned response from a parent's nervous reaction to height or from previous fall.

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