By   November 6, 2017

In subtropical or tropical zones of this country, a new trend for gardening and landscaping comes in the form of exotic plants. These are very old ones, traced way back into the Mesozoic era and thus are symbolic of the plant life then. It shows in their simpler and sturdier physical character, and it is fascinating to study them this way.

How life flourished millions of years ago can be seen in how it survives, and it has shown to be far stronger than other spectacular forms of plants and animals. Growing cycads, the said old and exotic species can be done in the aforementioned parts of the country. Or perhaps in the more arid or drier regions that could be found in temperate zones.

This is one thing which has grown on hobbyists and plant lovers and gardeners. The species comes from Africa and the southern portions of the Americas, Latin and South and also in the Caribbean islands. Cycads are among the trendiest of plants, along with other exotic species and many varieties of palm trees.

Its makeup is strange but will grow on aficionados, because its qualities become apparent as it grows. Strength is exemplified by the small trunks which form the base for spreading palm like leaves. These are called pinnate types of leaves, and while it can have spines or are sharp at the ends, clipping these will not harm the plants and make for more harmless plantings.

The growth spurts is on the early months and this can go on for some years. The first year will find you caring for it intensively, but since it has great survival qualities, you only need to place it where it can flourish well and water it regularly. It has some resistance to the native insects and pests where they are grown in this country.

The supplies for these plants are not infinite, but there are a lot of these now available. Harvested from the wild because of demand, these are quite fertile and the smaller plants are more affordable. The bigger ones cost, and price will not be determined by the size of pots used for any one planting.

There is the possibility of its dying out when planted as seeds or seedlings, because many of these prefer its native soils when young. The transplant to other countries is supported by the soil mixture that is used for potting it. But then, at about mid range growth, it is able to adapt and adjust to changed conditions.

Climate is something that should by moist and hot, and when in drier areas, it needs more intensive watering. Again, this grows on you, and rows of it can make you imagine the verdant forests of the Mesozoic. These are more angular and have small flowers, and being symbolic of species survival is also fascinating for scientists.

Grown as a hobby or for study, these will respond to good care well. And the plantings are those which make for easier items to handle than other, more fragile species. It can blend with any number of hardy species and pines, and also with palms and wild orchids.

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