By   January 6, 2018

A well suited man never miss to catch everyone's’ attention at a party. It is the look from the outside that makes a person charismatic. Suiting up in a nice manner is an art and not everybody masters it. It is not about expensive clothing and accessories but the detailing and how a man carries his attire matters. Making the right choice of fabric, color and tailor are some of the things that need to be taken care of. A well dressed person leaves a lasting impression whether at a party, a meeting, a date or a job interview. Here are a couple of tips to look at for dressing remarkably:

Suit Type

The type of suit and fabric is the first thing to look for. While you look for the right shop for mens suit Sydney make sure they assist you with the choice of fabric and style of suit their tailor stitches. A cotton suit is all season and thus preferred. A suit maybe one buttoned, two buttoned, double breast, a three piece corporate style and much more. Choose the right suit according to your body type.

Men suit accessories

Accessories add up to the style statement of a man. watches , ties, cough rings, a pen, pocket square etc are some of the add ons. Matching an accessory with the suit is to be focussed upon.

Color Combination

Monochromatic colors are normally preferred. However, some bright and different colors suit according to the occasion. When in corporate meetings gray or black must be taken. If it is a wedding or prom, going for vibrant colors would be good as well.

Shoes and Socks

Choice of shoes and socks matter. The color of shoes whether shades of brown or black, the texture, style of shoe such as oxford,  brogues, loafers etc is where the choice lies.

Exact fit

Fitting is the magic of a tailor’s skill. He must know that suit should not look loose or extreme tight but the right fit.

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