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Brief About Ancient Rome And It’s Wonders

By   January 5, 2017

The Colosseum – An elliptical-shaped building that is the biggest in Rome. Pantheon breathtaking structure was the ‘temple of all gods’ in ancient Rome in an attempt to join Christians and pagans in worship, or at least bridge the gap somewhat.

The Catacombs – See the underground cemeteries where Christians, jews and pagans alike were buried in ancient times.

The Appian Way – One of the longest and most important roads in Italy, the Appian Way was the route and sites of many a political and cultural event.You can visit http://www.traveloveitaly.com/travel-rome-italy/ to know more about Rome.

When traveling in Rome, be sure to carry only as much money as is necessary and to keep your possessions close to your body. Do not fall for scams that promise free items, but refuse these blatantly.

The entire history of the city can be seen through its many ancient buildings, sculptures, and the magnificent artwork found in the city’s museums. Rome’s ancient beginnings can be seen in Greek and Roman architecture its contributions to the modern world in Renaissance and Baroque paintings and sculpture.

Rome is a very beautiful place, so make sure that you have enough water and comfortable clothes and shoes on when leaving your hotel. It is advisable to learn some basic Italian before your arrival as not all locals know English.