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Brief About Classic Highlights Of Rome

By   January 6, 2017

If you're looking for ancient palaces of grandeur reminiscent, there is none other than Rome that will conquer your senses and your imagination.You can book Rome tours online, luxury sightseeing tours and day trips via various websites.

Highlights of Rome are:

Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi)

The Trevi Fountain stands as one of the grandest fountains in Rome. In 19 BC, it was one of the aqueducts that supplied ancient Rome with fresh water. It was named the Aqua Virgo, after the virgin who discovered it, and it was used by Rome for more than 400 years until the aqueducts were destroyed by the Goths.

The current fountain that stands was completed in 1762 and features Neptune, the Roman god of water and sea. Neptune's sons, Tritons, are seen below him, taming the seahorses that are pulling his chariot while he controls the roaring waters. It's been said that once you throw a coin into the fountain, you're ensured another visit to Rome.

The Spanish Steps

Known as the widest staircase in Europe, the Spanish Steps consist of 138 steps that were built in 1723-1725. They were built to connect the Piazza di Spagna at its base to the Piazza Trinita Dei Monti at its top, which featured a newly built church (Trinita Dei Monti) funded by the Bourbon kings of France. If you look closely, you'll notice the French fleur-de-lys sculpted in and around the steps.