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Choosing Hen Night Costume Accessories

By   February 15, 2017

If you're out and about celebrating a hen party, you probably want to dress up and make the occasion even more special. Whether you're in your glad rags or fancy dress, more girls are choosing additional costume accessories for their hen nights out. Below are the ideas for choosing hen night costume accessories:-


More and more girls are choosing these popular pieces of costume to dress up in on their hen night out.  Tutus are very feminine and fun. They can be worn over shorts for full effect or even over leggings if you have some more modest members in your group.

They're very popular and combined with other fun hen night costume accessories you and your group will certainly be a noticeable group of hens. If you want to get more details about hen night party then you can navigate to sydneyhotshots.com/services/hens-party-sydney/.

Tiaras and Veils

For the princesses and perfect brides, tiaras and veils certainly mean there's no mistaking your group for a hen party. Easy to attach the veils can sometimes be attached to sparkly tiaras or even devil horns if you and your group are feeling more mischievous.


A very popular theme with hen parties at the moment is going out dressed as fairies, which makes fairy wings hot in demand. Put together with a tiara and a tutu and you'll be the best hen party group of fairies ever known. Fairy wings are easy to attach and usually come in a variety of colors, though the most popular colors are pink and white. They add a perfect angelic look to a group of devilish girls.