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How to Prepare Your Staff for a Fire

By   June 10, 2016

Do you ever touched a hot stove, grabbed a hot seat belt, walked next to a roaring bornfire, or felt like you were in danger?. Now imagine being at work and the doorknob is suddenly too hot to open because you ran back to grab your cellphone instead of exiting the building. Now go ahead and change roles.

Prepare for a fire

  • Ask your staff where the nearest exit is.
  • Have a designated assembly area to meet at.
  • Perform a head count of your employees once they reach there.

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Need for this is to take responsibility for your employees safety, and make sure they would be able to survive a building fire. But the real question you have to ask yourself is, “Have I taken the necessary steps to ensure that my staff is going to survive a dangerous fire in my building? “ if the answer is no, then your employees may benefit from you taking the time to ensure that they are safe while at work.

You probably don’t want to be the person who is preparing for the disaster all the time, so, spread the message for being safe and try to motivate other staff also, and you can also have fire mock drill once in 6 months to keep them ready for any such disaster.

Stay Safe.