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The ShredFast Workout Course Teaches Men How To Benefit From Time Under Tension Workouts

By   October 26, 2017

Men are always looking for different ways to make their workouts very efficient. The different methods men can use to modify their workout may vary from rep ranges, lightweight versus heavyweight, the number of sets, adjusting exercises, and much more. Something known as “time under tension” is also on the list, but it's a method that only came into the limelight recently after Thomas DeLauer promoted it's use in his ShredFast workout course that comes with the Science Based Six Pack. Time under tension is a method in which you vary the tempo of your exercises and also the length of time you take in doing a single rep. Thomas DeLauer preaches that the time frame in which the muscle is actually enduring resistance from an external weight is known as the “time under tension”.

Many bodybuilders and fitness professionals have embraced this method since they believe it is actually superior to just simply lifting heavy weights. If your intention is to build muscle and burn fat to get six pack abs, then you may want to use the ShredFast workouts to focus on applying more time under tension to your muscles rather than just throwing heavy weights around at the gym.

There are three components to applying time under tension to a muscle. It includes the time spent during concentric phase, peak contraction, and the time spent during eccentric phase. So for example, if you perform ten reps in a single workout and each rep takes about 3 seconds then your muscle will experience about 30 seconds of time under tension. If the same workout you perform 2 seconds of concentric phase, 1 second in peak contraction and 3 seconds during eccentric phase then all the ten reps will give about 70 seconds of time under tension.

According to the calculations it's simple to see that by simply modifying the tempo of your exercise following the Science Based Six Pack principles of time under tension in the ShredFast workout course you can increase the amount of time your muscle is under tension from 30 seconds to 70 seconds, which is a tremendous two-fold increase.

You should keep in mind that muscles do not count reps when you are lifting a 50 pound dumbbell for ten reps. It is basically the load which is created by the overall weight as well as the mechanical tension which comes from the contraction of muscles under pressure. So to achieve the maximum fat loss results, it's essential that you either mindlessly increase the total amount of weight lifted, or perhaps more wisely you can increase the amount of time under tension the muscle experiences following the ShredFast workouts in Science Based Six Pack.