By   December 24, 2017

There is no bedroom without wardrobe. In an oversimplified form, it is merely a piece of the vertical wooden box but in actual it is something of a lot of utility. Not ending on this, designed wardrobe adds to the beauty of the decor of a room. With the passage of time and want of competition among makers of Wardrobes Hornsby, there has been a wide variety of wardrobes evolved over time. Choosing the most suitable wardrobe for the bedroom has become part of interior decoration. Here are some of the types of wardrobe to go for :

Sliding Modular Wardrobe: This is an efficient way of utilising empty spaces. It is built into tiny alcoves. Sliding doors can be used as mirrors as well. The best part is space is not required for opening door outwards.

Walk-In Wardrobe: The best way to design another large space attached to a king size bedroom. It makes use of, say a room attached to the bedroom converted into closets and shelves and a spare space for getting ready. It is a great way to shed heaps of dollars to design it, symbolising lavish lifestyle.

Cornered Wardrobe: Best way to utilise corner spaces of the room where the room is designed in such a way that no horizontal space is left for closets. This is a smart way to make small rooms look grand and beautiful.

Frosted Glass Wardrobe: Some of the renowned liverpool wardrobes makers master in making these. Frosted glass use wooden frames and a translucent glass as wardrobe doors.

Open Wardrobes: Open wardrobes are a closet idea in small rooms where no conventional door box wardrobe is built. It is either shelf are fitted on the edges in an attractive manner to turn it into the wardrobe.

Stainless steel frosted glass: Stainless steel frosted glass wardrobes is a smart combination of strong and tensile wardrobe made of stainless steel and frosted glass used on the front. The best part is it is durable comparing other wardrobes.


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